I have joined several job interviews with candidates at my current company. As a technical supporter, my attention was mainly focused on specific technical points rather than behavioral ones. However, I saw that these following typical questions were rarely missed for any interviews. In fact, there is a meaning behind of the questions. The idea is candidates should focus on answering the right things that interviewers really want to know. Take a look!

Introduce about yourself

It is “What and why are you fit for this job?”. 
So, it is good to go “Talking too much about your hobbies.”?
I would say “We don’t care about your hobbies much”. 😉

Why do you want to find a new job?

It is “Why this job are interesting you?”. 
So, it is good to go “Talking about something negative like ‘I hate my boss/leader'”?
I would say “Who wants to work with a negative person?”

What did you do in your current job?

It is “Tell us what are your skills fit for this job?”
So, it is good to go “Talking too much about unrelated things for the applied job”?
I would say “No”.

Do you have any question for us?

It is “How did you know about our company?”
So, it is good to go “Asking about the company’s plans/attentions”?
I would say “Yes”.

[1]. Chris Harvey, Founder & CEO of ITviec


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