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Hoan My Hospital Danang

Hoan My Hospital in Danang is my medical facility of choice when it comes to health care. This hospital is affordable with a reasonable standard of care.

Hoan My now has an “international” wing which specifically caters to non-Vietnamese speaking patients. I have found the level of care in the new section as well as the regular hospital to be quite good.

I recently used the international clinic and it was 320,000VND for a consultation. Purchasing medicines from the pharmacy was a bit expensive but the quality of drugs are likely to be more controlled than using any pharmacy on the street. The level of English of the doctors and nurses was satisfactory.

Unfortunately, I have spent a few nights in Hoan My hospital in the past, the facilities were not world class but they did what was needed to get me back on my feet. I consider Family Medical as too expensive and Danang’s main Hospital, Hospital C is quite scary, old, with down facilities and impolite, untrained staff.

Hoan My Hospital Danang

161 Nguyen Van Linh Street
Danang, Vietnam
Appointments: (+84) 511 3650 676
Emergency: 0511 3650 950

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