Templates to get income if you got F***ed by Covid19 :: Kopywriting Kourse

I super feel for people who’ve been affected by Covid stuff, and their income has suddenly dropped to zero.

Hair dressers, bartenders, estheticians, massage therapists etc….all these people could previously go to work and earn income in nearly any country on the planet, and now that’s done for a bit.

Not sure how much I can help, but here’s the #1 thing that can help:

See how I included payment options at the bottom? By doing this, I am giving people an option to send money directly.

This gives people the chance to send random donations, or pay-what-they-want options.





P.S. I’m making this post in-between calls today, so it’s not the greatest. If you have suggestions or templates people can copy, post them in the comments, I’m happy to credit you for templates.

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