10 Design Tips For Creating Research Reports People Want to Read


The stock photos interlaced with the text areas help to provide a visual balance in the report, making the content more visually appealing and easy to read. The trick is not to over-do it or use confusing or distracting images. You want readers to focus on the information.

8. Make your report interactive

Whether you’re creating an online presentation or a digital document, interactivity can make it even more engaging.

Find a way to make your report interactive by adding audio, embedding videos or past live streams, or enabling the reader to click on charts or prompt animations.

At the same time, be sure to keep in mind that time-short readers just want the insight directly from your report, so don’t add things that aren’t necessary. Your report shouldn’t be flashy, just engaging and easy to read.

A great example of interactivity that can add to your report is having your chart legends appear as your readers hover over each different bar or line in your graph.

You can easily share your interactive, digital reports via an online link or by embedding them on a landing page on your website.

There are some instances where you might want to encourage the reader to seek out their own insights through interactivity. The Pudding creates amazing data visualizations that encourage user interactivity. But, generally speaking, if you’re delivering business insights or corporate training information, you should keep things as to-the-point as possible.

9. Brand your report

Incorporate your brand colors and fonts into your report so it’s obvious that it belongs to your company.

Your company likely already has branding guidelines that help you understand how your colors and fonts should be used in documents or presentations. You might also have ready-made templates..

Even if it’s just an internal report, using your brand colors, fonts, and logo can give your report a more professional feel which can help add weight to the enclosed insights.

10. Create a report template

Once you finalize your design, save it as a template to reuse over and over again. Next time you need to create a similar report, you can simply copy and paste your data and update the information.

This’ll help make your job easier each time you have to create a report. Even with research reports that are directed at a different audience or needed for a different person, having a template as a starting point will be a game changer. Working with your design team to create these templates can ensure the branding is consistent.

Insights aren’t valuable unless they’re acted upon

Ensuring your business insights are seen throughout the organization is important – if no one reads them, they won’t be acted upon.

By improving the design of your report to allow for maximum engagement and readability, you’re a step closer to creating a bigger impact with your research and analysis.

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