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That title pretty much explains this whole experiment!

We got Catheryn Lavery, the CEO of Best Self Co to let us use them as test subjects, and show us the resulting numbers.


See if I can write a flash sale email about a physical product:
We chose the Best Self Journal.

Some extra criteria for this experiment:
▸ Make 1 long email [Jump]
▸ Make 1 short email [Jump]
▸ Split test the results [Jump]
▸ Create this in 1 hour [Jump]
▸ Analyze what we learned [Jump]


best self co email long


best self co email short


You can watch the entire experiment and writing process here (fun to watch at 2X speed):


long email vs short email flash sale results


▸ Sent to 51,054 people.
▸ 23.8% open rate. 12,149 opens.
▸ 2.4% click rate. 1,233 clicks.
▸ $6,170.01 revenue.

▸ Sent to 51,055 people.
▸ 25.2% open rate. 12,842 opens.
▸ 3.2% click rate. 1,631 clicks.
▸ $4,708.76 revenue.


The long email got lower opens and clicks, but more revenue.

This is a common theme we see in lots of promotional emails. So if you’re going to send out any seasonal sale emails or flash sales emails you can try:

Email 1: Long form email showing the benefits of the product.
Email 2: Short form email reminding them the deal is expiring.

Hope you enjoyed this experiment!
Neville Medhora


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