Consumers Are Turning Away From News About The Pandemic

Some of the most popular content which was shared and discussed included:

  • 73k mentions of recovered koalas being released back into the wild after the devastating Australian bushfires
  • 32k mentions of actor John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ show

Among the good news mentions, thousands of people were sharing pictures of drawings, kids, dogs, and cats, according to our Image Insights tool.

That said, the sharpest increases in good news stories were related to Covid-19 itself. For example, when 99-year-old retiree Captain Tom Moore raised £15m for the UK’s National Health Service, his actions increased mentions of ‘good news’, ‘kind gestures’, and ‘hero’ by 400% over seven days. And there were 142k English-langauge mentions of clapping and singing to celebrate our key workers around the world.

The story on Reddit

The ongoing popularity of positive news is echoed by Reddit, too.

We looked at /r/wholesomememes, dedicated to happy memes; /r/UpliftingNews, where people post news coverage of positive events; and /r/MadeMeSmile, where people submit content that makes them feel good.

We found that, because of the pandemic, forum posts were up in the last few weeks. In April, submissions and comments were up 29% compared to February.

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