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We’re about to kick off the first-ever Kopywriting Kourse Bootcamp!

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(Research → Write → Promote)


Here are the goals for the Bootcamp:

—> You’ll create a great blog post.
—> You can use the same process to refresh old content.
—> You’ll have an article format you can repeat in future content.
—> You’ll have a research, writing, and promotion process you can reuse.
—> You’ll have really strong social content (a lot of it).
—> You’ll learn to automate a big chunk of your promotion (and get a plan to grow your traffic/following).

It’s a 3 week sprint where you’ll create a significant win for your business. We will show you how to take the ideas you’ve been learning in the Kopywriting Kourse and turn them into real assets.

In this month’s Bootcamp we’re going to show you how to write a blog post the way we do it, from start to finish. You’ll go from research to writing to publication + promotion. By the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll have a great article, several promotion pieces, and a process you can repeat (forever).

Every week, you’ll attend a Zoom call where a group of us will work on a specific step in the content process.

Here’s the schedule for Bootcamp #1:

Week 1: Research

  • Pick a topic.
  • Figure out what your competition is doing.
  • SEO basics.


Week 2: Write

  • 1 week to get the article into great shape.
  • Includes at least 1 group writing session (we all get on Zoom, set a timer, and WORK).
  • Use content modules and structure to create something reusable.


Week 3: Promote

  • Create a list of places where you want to promote.
  • Create a list of people to show the piece to.
  • How to use Buffer.
  • Share the piece.
  • Split the piece into 5-10 shareable snippets for social, emails, and whatever future content.
  • If you want us to promote your work, let us know. This is a great way to get extra views.


If you’re already a Kopywriting Kourse member, you get access automatically. Just keep an eye on the forum and you’ll see an invitation to join the Bootcamp. It’s 100% voluntary (and comes bundled with your membership).

If you’re not a member, all you have to do is join the Kopywriting Kourse!

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Neville Medhora – Bootcamper

P.S. Here are some future Bootcamps we might run:

  • Record your first video lesson (and publish it).
  • Record your first podcast (and publish it).
  • Optimize your LinkedIn page.
  • Create a welcome autoresponder.
  • Create a lead magnet.
  • Turn your lead magnet into a product + sell it. (and plenty more…)

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