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If you are living and working in Da Nang, but your Vietnamese level is too low, sometimes you may feel so frustrated to communicate with Vietnamese or go shopping or enjoy your life in Vietnam.

Learning Vietnamese can help, study the right way today with Hang Bui. Hang, is an experienced Vietnamese teacher who can show you how to be confident in communication understanding more about Vietnam and its culture.

She can help you especially if you are afraid to speak Vietnamese and have had difficulties when learning in the past. She has effective methods to help you study as well as you can. In only 3 months, you can communicate in all basic situations.

Vietnamese Lessons In Danang with Hang Bui

Phone: 090 541 5939
Email: hangbuimacdonal@gmail.com *please note that the email address is written correctly

inDanang – Da Nang in your pocket!




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