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While Da Nang is growing rapidly, there still isn’t much for tourists to do here. You have Marble Mountain outside the city, and Cham Musuem for the history buffs. What about an activity to see how real Vietnamese people live? Maybe something to taste some delicious local food? I created Da Nang Food Tours to allow people to do both.

In my 4+ years in Vietnam, I’ve done my fair share of tours. Most of them, unfortunately, are similar in many ways. Packed tour buses and non-stop scripted explanations left my ‘unique cultural experience’ feeling like it wasn’t very authentic at all. I want to get away from the cookie-cutter tour. I want to give people an experience that’s immersive and special. I want to do it without a tour bus, and without even hopping on a motorbike.

Local Food Tours In Da Nang

My tours are small (4 people max) and consist of walking around the city, checking out some local places and trying the food. Nothing about it is ‘made for tourists’. Along the way, we can have a chat about life in Vietnam, local customs and the challenges (and benefits!) of living here. The result is a unique experience you could never get on your own.

While it sounds strange at first, having an expat like me lead a local food tour makes sense. Shared language means no topic (even politics and religion) is off limits. On the other hand, I speak Vietnamese, so I can help you read the menu, order your food and request extra mint in your my quang. Similar ideas about what tastes ‘delicious’ means we can try things that are new and exciting but not too extreme. Most of the places I go on the tour are places I’ve been eating at for years. I know the owners and they know me. So to answer the two most common concerns, ‘Is it safe?’ and ‘Is it good?’ I can confidently say ‘YES!’

I have a morning and evening tour, and each can be arranged as a private tour. To learn more, check out pictures or to make a booking, visit: DaNangFoodTour.com.

Food Tours In Danang

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