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Last week, as part of the Singapore Tech & Innovation Week, the Women In Tech Conference brought together Asia’s leading female innovators, celebrating women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

A shot of the stage at Women in Tech Conference Asia where four people are discussing the opportunities and dangers of big dataThe event was filled with exciting discussions, dialogue and insightful debates on inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry across Asia.

On the main stage presentations and panels were conducted by leaders from the tech industry.

The Women in Tech Asia conference used Brandwatch Vizia to track and showcase online conversation around Women in Tech topics globally.

Real-time mentions and images containing the event hashtag were displayed on four screens spread out on the event space.

An image of the 'featured content' Vizia tile during Women in Tech Conference Asia. It shows a mix of tweeted text and images

One particular screen was dedicated to displaying information about the speakers at the event. This included videos of their interviews and talks, topic clouds, and also their twitter activity. Vizia was able to capture live tweets from the audience when they mentioned the respective speakers – all while they were still on stage giving their talks.

A screenshot of Vizia, showing how many impressions and mentions Women in Tech Conference Asia got on social media, as well as key topicsLooking at the Vizia screens, it was impossible to ignore the magnitude of the Women in Tech event on social and the traction it was gaining. A total of 1.6 million impressions were generated from all the mentions regarding the conference. There was also a huge percentage of positive-categorized mentions, with participants impressed and inspired by the talks.

These metrics and mentions definitely captured the attention of the attendees, who saw the Vizia screens and joined in with the online conversation. As the day went on, more people started talking about the event on their social media accounts.

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Vizia captured the interesting topics mentioned by the speakers that had started to trend. Some of these topics revolved around an upcoming 4th industrial revolution driven by tech, a smart nation through a collaborative effort between industry and government and empowering and encouraging diversity in the workplace.

The conference was a huge success and helped to demonstrate the power of Vizia in tracking conversations around a large scale event.

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