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We recently published a roundup of the 11 Highest Paying Startup Engineering Roles in San Francisco. Now it’s time to see how New York City compares.

What we’re seeing: Startup are offering top cash compensation for senior, as well as less experienced technical positions to compete for top talent at an earlier stage. To find out which NYC based startups are offering the most lucrative cash compensation, we looked at the 100 highest paying engineering roles on AngelList in the area — then narrowed down the list.

We did not include senior management level job listings that are part of the 100 highest paying roles, such as iHeartRadio (looking for a Director of Data Engineering) and Ladders (hiring a VP of Engineering), among others. We also did not include engineering roles from bigger companies like Uber, which has dozens of open positions available.

Open Positions at Uber: angel.co/uber/jobs

The Results: Of the highest paying engineering roles on our list, the average cash comp tops at around $196,000. This is not including equity, signing bonus, or any other incentives. A majority of the roles listed below show salaries that are higher than this, but note that these averages are based off the higher-end of the listed salary ranges.

In comparison, the $196,000 average top paying salary range in New York City is lower than the $210,000 average that we computed for San Francisco.

Click on the individual companies below to view all job listings and salary ranges. The companies tend to have multiple engineering (and often non-engineering) roles available.

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