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The demand for talented engineers has never been greater, especially in markets like New York and San Francisco. Startups are offering top cash compensation for senior, as well as less experienced technical positions to compete for talent with other early-stage teams (as well as what Google and Facebook are offering).

Which SF based startups are offering the most lucrative cash compensation for engineers?

To answer that question, we looked at the 100 highest paying engineering roles on AngelList for companies hiring in San Francisco, and narrowed down the list. Taking out engineering job listings from bigger companies like Netflix, and senior management level positions from companies like Postmates and Stanza, among others. We did not include open positions from companies that would not be considered “startups” — like The Voleon Group, although the cash comp is quite lucrative. 👀

The Results: Of the highest paying engineering roles on our list, the average cash comp tops around $210,000. This is not including equity, signing bonus, or any other incentives that may be given, and is higher than the $196,000 average cash comp for the highest paying engineering roles in New York City. A majority of the roles listed below show salaries that are higher than this. Click on the individual companies to view job listings and salary ranges per position.





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