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In the past few years, the AngelList Talent platform has become the go-to place for people in tech to find their next move, and for more than 24k startups to find top candidates. You can apply to 71k startup jobs with one application and see salary and equity information upfront. No middlemen.

That approach, a transparent jobs platform, has led to over 1 million mutual introductions last year alone between companies and candidates.

Now, some companies attract more interest then others. This could be a reflection of the company itself (is it a great place to work? 🙂), recent announcements (new product launch 🚀, funding round 💰), or simply a function of the number of job listings the company has. With that in mind, we wanted to answer the question: which companies are the most competitive to work at that are currently hiring on AngelList? 🤔

To find out, we looked at the data, and compared the number of applicants companies see, to how active they are in responding to candidates. Some of the startups that scored the highest are more well-known then others, but if hiring volume and candidate interest is any indication, these companies have big plans in the months ahead.

The Results: The 20 most competitive companies to work for on AngelList.

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