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An online fashion store is giving away a slinky, skin-hugging, hi-tech bodysuit to help its shoppers get the right size.

Photo credit: Zozo.

The bodysuit “is capable of capturing 15,000 precise measurements” with all its sensors, according to its creator, Zozo.

GIF by Tech in Asia, from Zozosuit’s video.

It goes from neck to ankles, and works for both men and women.

GIF by Tech in Asia, from Zozosuit’s video.

The Zozosuit has Bluetooth so it can sync to the Zozo shopping app, uploading your figure’s figures to your profile.

GIF by Tech in Asia, from Zozosuit’s video.

Then, when you order clothes, you won’t need to select a size because Zozo already knows.

GIF by Tech in Asia, from Zozosuit’s video.

Free to Zozo’s shoppers in the US and Japan, the Zozosuit is now up for preorder for arrival spring 2018. The company describes it as ushering in “the world’s first size-free ecommerce experience.”

While it’s inventive, the growing sophistication of 3D scanning tech could mean that in the fairly near future there’ll be a small and discreet gizmo in your home that can scan your shape with great precision. Perhaps Amazon already has that in mind for the next iteration of its judgemental Echo camera.

Brash billionaire’s fashion empire

The Zozo store was created by a Japanese firm called Start Today that was established back in 1998. It’s now a US$9.2 billion business that saw US$705 million in annual sales at the last count.

Its founder is Yusaku Maezawa, a 41-year-old billionaire and former rock drummer who earlier this year forked out US$110.5 million to buy a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. He’s the 11th richest person in Japan, according to Forbes.

Photo credit: Yusaku Maezawa’s Instagram.

“I just won this masterpiece,” posted Maezawa to his Instagram from the Sotheby’s auction.

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