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Welcome to the seventh More Tabs, Please.

As we’re still grinding through the first few weeks of the year, I’ve gone for a pretty positive spread. We’ve got video games, Star Wars, bears, skateboarding, and music. Hopefully, if you’re feeling a bit grim, this might offer some remedy.

To go with it, some equally chipper music from The Jackson 5:

Parental sacrifice

Not being a parent, selflessly dedicating time to a pointless task for a small, ungrateful human—other than myself—is alien to me. Nevertheless, some people do that every day.

Enter ‘I Farmed 9999 Coins So My Son Could Have the Stupid Skeleton Outfit From Super Mario Odyssey‘. An odyssey for the writer, a soon forgotten memory for his son.

Sick costume though. When I get Super Mario Odyssey I’m 100% farming 9999 coins.

Skating all over the world

I was an awful skateboarder, but hanging out behind an abandoned casino (now a Megaspoons) every Saturday to skate with my mates are some of my best memories.

‘Mapping the spread of skateboarding across the world‘ shows how this feeling is universal. The piece features Jonathan Mahring and his photos of skating from across the globe.

There’s something satisfying seeing the same tricks and boards in a range of environments. I’ll be buying his book for sure.


This is Ed Sheeran country
A map segmenting South America by most popular songs

Imagine that. A whole country of Ed Sheeran. Jesus. Anyway.

‘The Cultural Borders of Songs‘ is a clever map visualisation that shows you the most popular songs at the city and state level.

All based off YouTube data, be sure to zoom in close to get the city-by-city results.

It’s very interesting to see how what might be at the top globally barely breaks through at a more local level.

Also shout out to Redmond, Washington where ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson is number one.


Hire This Person: Diego Sanches

This week we’re saying you should hire Diego Sanches, an illustrator, comic artist, and animator from Brazil.

With an interest in “book covers, comic books, concept art and pixel art for games” Sanches is a versatile and talented artist.

Along with his incredible illustration, his pixel art is amazing. There’s some great and unique examples of work, particularly the series of fighting scientists.

You can find his website here, and follow him on Behance, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Taken From The Timeline

Sometimes, in the depths of January with payday still out of reach. you just need a Twitter account dedicated to samoyeds.

New scams just like the old scams

When new technology comes out, it’s often scammers who are some of the first to get involved. And even then, it’s usually the same old tricks.

So now pyramid schemes have hit Snapchat, as detailed in the excellent ‘Pyramid Schemes Target Snapchat Teens‘.

This has also reminded me there was a Mars bar based pyramid scheme at my school. Were they actually a thing?


Fishing amongst criminals and bears

A proper longread this one. ‘Here The Bear and The Mafia Roam‘ is an impressive and surreal account of one man going fishing with the Russian mafia in bear-infested territory.

Incredibly well-written and comical at times, this a proper good piece for a nice sit down. Bob Shacochis, the author, is a master of this kind of work too.

Nearly makes you want to risk your own life for some fresh salmon. Nearly.

Celebrity nerding out

Overly dissecting pop culture and analysing it unnecessarily is amazing, particularly if you get to have a fun argument with your mates over it (check out After Hours for a whole series of this).

In ‘A New Old Skywalker‘, good old Joseph Gordon-Levitt does exactly this in regards to Luke Skywalker’s character arc from original trilogy to the sequels.

Along with being a good take on the whole thing, he also takes the time to knock people who think opinions on culture can be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Nice one.




Watch And Listen

This week we’re featuring Every Little Thing, a podcast from Gimlet Media which looks at the ‘small stuff’. It’s endlessly interesting looking at a range of topics from sleep to checkout machine to not ruining Thanksgiving.

In the embedded episode below, the show looks at the world of background movie actors who you’ll only ever hear rather than see.

Check out all the episodes here or follow the show on Twitter.

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