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What are the most romantic countries in the world?

You might define them by their beautiful scenery, famous proposal spots or flowery language.

You could also, like the Brandwatch React team, take a more data-driven approach.

In celebration of Valentines day, we went in search of the most romantic countries in the world by analyzing global use of the heart emoji.

Where is the love?

Armed with our new emoji analysis skills, we were ready to find the most loved-up nations on Earth.

How did we do it? We started with a 1% sample of every heart emoji tweeted between Jan 2017 and Feb 2018. We didn’t apply any language filters so we were picking up everything.

While a 1% sample might sound small, that’s still more than 3 million individual tweets containing the emoji in the time period.

We then allowed Brandwatch to break down the data by country, downloaded it to Excel and divided the number of emojis we found by the population of each country.

We removed countries that had a population of less than 100k or had less than 200k heart tweets coming from them, as the data was skewing a little towards countries with tiny populations.

Here are the results. Happy Valentines Day.

The most romantic countries, according to emoji

Congratulations to the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Map shows the most romantic countries in the world according the emoji use.

Sorry Italy and France – we were really rooting for you.

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Here’s that chart in list form because we’re feeling generous:

Map shows the most romantic countries in the world. 1. United States, 2. New Zealand, 3. UK, 4. Rep of Ireland, 5. Singapore, 6. Canada, 7. Slovenia, 8. Ecuador, 9. Netherlands, 10. Hong Kong

Those of you looking to book a last minute romantic break, you are welcome.

The most romantic states

Finally, we thought we’d zoom in on the states within the heart emoji capital of the world, the USA.

Once again, we divided the number of heart emojis by the population of each place.

Washington, D.C. is the loveliest of America’s states.

State Number of heart emojis Emojis as % of population
Washington, D.C. 340900 52.73%
Texas 3757800 14.21%
Nevada 369600 13.25%
Louisiana 556000 12.02%
Hawaii 156400 11.14%
California 4255300 11.10%
Georgia 1079100 10.80%
New York 2096900 10.67%
Alaska 66300 9.02%
Ohio 1042700 9.01%
Arizona 593500 8.96%

Vermont and Delaware had the lowest % of emojis per member of the population with 0.04% each.

We actually found that Delaware, along with Illinois and Mississippi, were the most negative states according to a separate emoji analysis.

If you’re looking for love, do not go to Delaware.

Feel the love, share the love

We hope our data on global use of the heart emoji has given you fuzzy feelings. Why not share it with your friends?

For more butterflies in your stomach, go ahead and download are emoji report below.

Lots of love x

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