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Situated at the heart of our conference grounds, Startup Factory (previously known as Bootstrap Alley) features hundreds of promising startups across a variety of verticals, showcasing their product to attending investors, media, and potential customers.

Recently, we brought you five innovative startups who will be showcasing their products at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 this May 15 & 16. This time round, we’re back with five Singapore-based startups whom you should definitely check out at our flagship conference.



Hiring and managing a team can be tricky business. What if there’s a way for you to know who has the greatest potential to flourish in your team? Through the use of people analytics and big data, X0pa can help identify employees and potential candidates who are thought to perform best in your organisation.

Instead of relying on human bias, X0pa uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven, evidence-based predictions for business leaders. Managers can have access to features such as performance and attrition predictions, enabling them to take pre-emptive actions. To top it off, through the power of data analytics, leaders are able to gauge how the company is faring against industry benchmarks.


Restroom cleaning and maintenance in Singapore is still largely a manual process, with companies scheduling cleaners periodically to facilities. During such periods, cleaners go around to check the status of the toilets, indicating completed tasks manually on log sheets placed inside the washrooms.

SmartClean brings intelligence into the mix by acting as a virtual supervisor. By using sensor data, SmartClean is able to monitor components such as air quality, wetness detection and usage pattern. In addition, with its AI algorithms, it is able to alert cleaners through an app with actionable tasks. Automated attendance, task logging and emergency cleaning requests are also done through mobile.


With the aim of empowering human capital through tech, Su-Ette acts as a HR and recruitment assistant. The software is able to understand employees’ queries and direct them to the right people, or to the relevant sections in a company’s policy. With use, Su-Ette learns and gets smarter with helping employees navigate the parameters around HR rules.

Furthermore, the recruitment process is typically long and tedious, taking up many man-hours. By deploying Su-Ette to administrative tasks such as recruitment screening and scheduling, HR professionals will be able to significantly reduce time taken on such responsibilities, and focus on other strategic aspects.


Tueetor, a fully-automated location-based service platform, enables users to instantly connect with one another. By doing away with the use of a middleman such as tuition centres, the platform claims to offer rates as low as US$11.34 per hour.

Non-academic subjects such as sports or music classes are included as well. Based on the set of criteria submitted, such as location, subject, budget, and teaching experience, the platform matches learners and trainers – all within a minute.


Freelor, an instant cashback, shopping and rewards platform, is here to offer savings to users, both online and in-stores. A large range of consumer products and services can be found, with categories ranging from food and dining (an all-time national favourite), to lifestyle and gifts.

Store-front operators are able to use Freelor’s platform to deliver their in-store promotions and rewards programs to users online. After receiving cashback, users can choose to either withdraw these savings or spend them as cash using the startup’s e-wallet rewards platform.

Get in on the action by exhibiting at Startup Factory

Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 will be happening on May 15 & 16, and we’ve compiled a partial attendee list, giving you a sneak peek of C-level executives and decision makers who will be there. Look forward to meeting representatives of some of the world’s leading companies, government agencies and VCs, from the likes of Google, Stripe, and more.

Grab this chance to showcase your business to these decision makers at Startup Factory.​ Apply for your booth by March 11, 2359 (GMT +8) to score 20 percent off (i.e. US$119) off your booth package! Each booth package costs US$597 before discount and comes with a one-day booth and two exhibitor passes. For more information about Startup Factory, you can head over to our FAQ page.

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Want to meet local and international startups in the flesh as an attendee instead? Get your conference pass by March 11, 2359, GMT+8 to enjoy 20 percent off! Simply key in promo code: tiasg20 to get this awesome deal.

Converted from Singapore Dollar. Rate: US$1 = SGD 1.32

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