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Blockchain has been dubbed as the most disruptive technology in decades, and almost everyone has heard the claim that it will revolutionize businesses and redefine the world’s economy. The technology is poised to disrupt across a plethora of industries – such as financial services to healthcare, energy, and even real estate.

Stay ahead of the curve with Tech in Asia Singapore 2018’s Blockchain stage, where industry experts, CEOs of blockchain-based companies, and VCs give their take on this technology. Whether you’re totally new to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, or are an expert in blockchain, we’ve got you covered across seven sessions that revolve around this technological advancement.

Read on below to find out more about what you can expect!

1) Blockchain 101

Not exactly sure what the latest crazy about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and blockchain solutions are all about? Fret not, this session will teach you just that. Right here, learn the basics of how this technology works and understand the hype surrounding blockchain.

Expect to learn about:

  • The fundamentals of blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • What to look out for in ICOs
  • Smart contracts and how they enable crowdfunding via token sales

2) A checklist: how to prepare your company for blockchain development

Businesses can choose either to keep systems and processes status quo, or adapt to advances in technology. In light of blockchain potentially disrupting multi-trillion-dollar industries, how should organizations prepare themselves for change?

Join Toby Hoenisch, CEO of Tenx, as he takes the stage to share his insights. From a token sale last year, the blockchain-based startup raised 245,832 Ether, or about US$80 million – all in just seven minutes.

Key takeaways of this session include:

  • How to build or restructure your team to adopt a blockchain solution
  • Why and how to reconsider your business model to leverage on blockchain
  • Technical challenges of holding an ICO

3) How blockchain reinvents data management, and how it affects you

Blockchain technology has the potential to radically change how information is being managed, for instance – making it easier for government agencies to access public-sector data while maintaining the security of this information.

On the other hand, privacy concerns abound for those who may want to keep their actions and data assets private. Join Bluzelle’s CEO, Pavel Bains, as he shares his thoughts on how blockchain technology will reinvent the way businesses manage data, and how it impacts you.

Dive into topics such as:

  • How data can be redefined with blockchain
  • How it impacts you, and how your business can adopt blockchain technology

4) Problems in the blockchain space: Scalability and Secure Smart contracts

Though heavily-hyped, blockchain is not without its vulnerabilities. One of the pressing problems about the technology is its inability to scale, due to limits on the maximum number of transactions the network is able to process. As the number of blockchain transactions increases, transaction times have gotten slower.

In addition to scalability, smart contracts is another kink that needs to be ironed out. It sounds great in theory – smart contracts help to exchange money, shares, or anything of value while avoiding the services of a middleman. How can we prevent incidents such as The DAO hack, where millions of dollars in ether was stolen due to a smart contract bug? What are some of the solutions available, as well as limitations that are present?

Amrit Kumar, Co-founder of Zilliqa, will be sharing his insights into scalability – existing solutions and their limitations, as well as incidents the company has encountered with smart contracts, and how they were solved.

Amrit will be leading us through these topics:

  • How far away are we from global adoption of the technology?
  • When will services involving blockchain be mainstream?
  • Challenges ahead, and how your business can adopt

5) Government regulations and its impacts in a decentralised world

Blockchain, with its potential benefits and challenges, has elicited mixed responses from governments. While countries such as China has banned bitcoin due to regulatory concerns, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore are known to be crypto-friendly nations.

With the different takes governments have on this disruptive technology, what does it mean for Asia’s blockchain ecosystem, and what can we do to prepare ourselves?

Look forward to discussions on:

  • Policies and regulations needed for a decentralized world
  • Whether governments can rightly ban cryptocurrencies
  • The outlook of blockchain in different regions in Asia

6) Asian blockchain investment trends

A major priority for the Monetary Authority of Singapore has been blockchain. As of late 2017, 10 blockchain projects have been launched in the country. South Korea’s Naver has also expanded its investments in blockchain technologies, with more than US$4.8 million invested in Ledger, a cryptocurrency-based company. In addition to the past and present, how does the future look like for blockchain investment trends in Asia?

While blockchain may impact industries such as identity management, legal services and ecommerce, there are other industries that will prove more difficult to disrupt. Learn from investors what lies ahead for the technology in the next six months, and what how it affects across verticals of different industries.

Glean insights from VCs as they discuss topics such as:

  • The past, present, and future of blockchain investment in Asia
  • Has ICO made VCs redundant?
  • How VCs can capitalise on this ICO wave
  • Will more VCs join this ICO craze?

7) What’s next: Life after ICO

ICOs are helping startups to raise millions. Case in point: Filecoin raised over US$257 million in its September 2017 token offering, making it the biggest ICO funding to date. What are the steps companies need to take to prepare for life after ICO, and how should they be accountable post-ICO?

Get the inside scoop on:

  • Challenges of ICO
  • Steps businesses can take to prepare for life after ICO
  • How to align expectations with stakeholders
  • Best practices for token management

Find out about the future of blockchain at TIA SG 2018

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