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Today, we are very excited to announce our first-ever partnership with a blockchain company – Tomochain!

Founded by Long Vuong and his team, Tomochain aims to solve the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain. It is compatible with Ethereum’s smart-contracts and other Ethereum protocols, while keeping the confirmation time low, and fees minimal. You can learn more about them via its website and whitepaper.

This partnership will see Tech in Asia’s Branded Content team crafting a series of thoughtful and insightful pieces for Tomochain. I am also pleased to be joining Tomochain as an advisor to assist Vuong in setting up a strong foundation for the company over the next 12 months, in areas including culture, HR, and product management.

Tech in Asia will be receiving Tomocoins and Ether in exchange for our services. We have also updated our statement of ethics to make known that we are working and holding Tomocoin.

With these disclosures in place, I’d like to share more why we are excited to work with Vuong and Tomochain.

Vuong has a firm conviction and clear vision for the “Internet of Value” which he shared in this article. Reading Vuong’s piece triggers us to rethink the concept of money and how technology can play a part to improve the status quo. Through our discussions, it was clear to me that he and his team started Tomochain to fulfill their “Internet of Value” vision.

To make his vision a reality, Vuong also acknowledged that the health of the blockchain community is critical to the success of people who are working and/or trading in the blockchain scene. We believe that the blockchain community is in its early days, and that a lot of groundwork will be required to ensure we bring more credibility and stability to the ecosystem.

Helping to build the blockchain ecosystem is of course aligned to Tech in Asia’s mission, and there’s a lot of work to be done. It’s a familiar journey we have been through before. Some of the things we discussed with Vuong and team include – How can we expand the blockchain talent pool? What more can we do to support good blockchain projects? How can blockchain technology go mainstream and be truly useful in daily lives? Many of these questions cannot be answered overnight. The groundwork is being laid though, and we are excited to play a part, however big or small.

Vuong articulated these thoughts very aptly in his piece:

[…] many are laying its groundwork: engineers are writing software and building its future infrastructure, writers and journalists are learning and writing more about its challenges and opportunities, and lawmakers are trying to understand its implications. […] Everyone who wishes to can play a role.

Our sincere thanks to Tomochain for believing in us, and here’s to a very fruitful partnership!

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