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Most startups attend conventions to learn about the industry. On the other hand, some startups go to teach.

At Tech in Asia Singapore 2018, teaching takes on a very literal meaning – the four edtech startups below are looking to put the oomph back into the classroom. Check them out here and even better, face-to-face at Tech in Asia Singapore’s Startup Factory this May 15 & 16.

Learn Anything

Sometimes, learning can be a struggle. Often, it’s because we don’t have access to the right materials. Learn Anything eliminates that problem by connecting eager students with willing tutors digitally. The tutoring network offers teaching services on any topic you can think of, as long as they have a tutor for it.

For tutors, Learn Anything is a lucrative way to start a teaching career on the side. The startup promises a wide reach and salary options that are always on time. They also provide lesson plans and guides to help your tutoring.



Hailed as an innovative education app, Tentor mixes healthy competition with classroom learning. The app works as a personal tutor you can use to take practice tests and watch educational videos, preparing you for state college and university exams.

It also offers a battle feature that compares your scores with those of a friend’s. After taking an exam on the app, you’ll know immediately how you scored. The app constantly keeps you appraised of your performance each time you use it.

Further, Tentor alleviates the burden of lugging around tons of books by keeping education within the digital world. The app is available on Android and iOS.


Gamification is the next big step in the learning process. Teachers are learning that games can be beneficial in the classroom. Powered by blockchain, Soqqle takes that to heart by implementing a fun approach to learning.

Tagged as a social network for learners, Soqqle has them take on educational challenges to fulfill their in-game goals. Users are able to pick their own characters to suit their play or learning style. Likewise, they can level them up when they finish challenges. Soqqle can be played either alone or with a group.


Tution121 allows learners the convenience of learning from their own bedrooms. The platform is fully customizable according to your own needs – select which courses you want to try and how you want to study for them.

Teaching sessions are personally conducted between learners and tutors. For the learner’s convenience, sessions are automatically recorded for when they have to review lessons again. Further, tutors are able to extend sessions and give additional homework if the need arises.

Tution121 lets you get what you pay for. You can choose your own courses, target completion date, and target grade.

It’s time to learn

Have a startup you want to exhibit alongside these strong shows from the edtech industry? Tech in Asia Singapore 2018’s Startup Factory offers the best opportunity to exhibit your startup with fellow entrepreneurs, media, and potential investors.

Simply apply before this Sunday, April 8 to enjoy 15 percent off (i.e. US$89) off your booth package – act fast, before prices increase next week!

apply for your booth

For those of you on a budget, there’s good news! Startup League will be sponsoring five startups to showcase for free. In addition, Startup League will also absorb 25% of booth package fees (i.e. US$149) for selected startups – all you’ll need to do is fill out this form by April 17!

Note: Each Startup League-sponsored startup will be entitled to a one-day booth and two exhibitor passes.

If you want to check out all the startups at Startup Factory, you can still do so as an attendee. You’ll be able to gain access to the content stages, connect with senior decision makers, and meet startups like the ones above. Get your tickets before this Sunday, April 8 to slash 15 percent off (up to US$104).

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