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Have you ever faced an angry customer? In the business world, hell hath no fury like a customer scorned. With the emergence of deep learning and artificial intelligence, businesses have better access to customer data – allowing them to offer improved services and customer experience.

Below, take a look at four AI startups that are bridging the gap between business and consumers. Check them out at Startup Factory during Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 from May 15 to 16.

Agara Labs

Poring through customer calls, emails, and social media posts can be tiresome. As the ways with which customers can contact enterprises increase in number, infusing the process with deep learning becomes essential. Without the technology, analyzing customer responses will eventually take more time than actually responding to them.

Agara Labs automates the entire process from query analysis to actual response. Their end-to-end system covers all the needed bases that enterprises require to face customers. It includes three vital stages: classifying responses according to queries, predicting their intents, and constructing appropriate responses.

Working in real time, the prediction engine promises to reduce the duration of customer cases dramatically. This leads to an increase in the number of cases closed. From a financial perspective, Agara Labs’ promise will increase savings as agents are freed up to do more important tasks.


Alakazam’s area of expertise caters to the marketing department, and eases the load by collating and analyzing an enterprise’s marketing activities on all major social media platforms. From this, its marketing assistant is able to schedule a consultation with a human team to suggest goals and courses of action.

In addition, a customer assistant will also communicate with users on the same platforms. The assistant’s options tailors it for specific industries including food, travel, and retail. Alakazam also offers custom bots that will work based on metrics and goals that each customer sets.

Cognitv Technologies

“Are you satisfied with our product?” A customer’s response to this question might be different from what he or she actually feels. Even if they’re not satisfied, they might say that they are just so you’ll stop asking.

Cognitv Technologies uses facial recognition to paint a more accurate picture on a product’s public perception. Likewise, the technology will also allow businesses to monitor employee perception.

The startup can capture images from CCTVs, webcams, and other camera sources for automatic processing. Using AI facial recognition, the web service can collect and analyze data according to demographic and sentiment. Then, they can publish a report for their clients’ exclusive business use.

Their offerings already include camera feeds that enterprises can pay for on a monthly rental fee. Their services allow for 24/7 unobtrusive monitoring of any facility.

EkkBaz Business

EkkBaz Business is a B2B platform that caters to the fast-moving consumer goods market, particularly for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. From the convenience of an app, businesses can create and manage orders, and even book dedicated grocery spaces to showcase their products to store visitors. On the other hand, clients are able to pay and have their orders delivered with just a few clicks.

If the app’s ease of communication proves lacking, chat functions are available, allowing business to connect with all their stakeholders using either text or voice. At the end of the day, EkkBaz offers real-time analytics that help businesses forecast demand and expand revenue.

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