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It’s no secret that logistics in Southeast Asia remain one of the bottlenecks faced by ecommerce players in the region. Factors such as infrastructure and outdated customs processes often add up to make a country notoriously difficult to navigate.

Enter these startups in the logistics and transportation industry, who are tackling these challenges head-on. This May 15 & 16, hundreds of promising startups will be showcasing their novel solutions to over 5,000 attendees, investors and media at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018. Here are four startups you should keep an eye out for:

Fetch Me

Fetch Me aims to become the easiest way for people to get anything, anytime, anywhere. The company helps businesses deliver orders, meet delivery deadlines, and build their fleet of deliverers known as ‘fetchers’ who are readily available thanks to a fully automated process.

For buyers who wish to purchase goods from businesses, they can get it delivered by a fetcher who is simply a tap away and is available 24/7, with no need for pre-booking or scheduling.


Shiplyst is an online ocean freight procurement marketplace that allows customers to instantly compare quotes across multiple vendors while on the go. The company provides transparent pricing as well as real-time tracking for accuracy. All data and communication in the marketplace are also secure due to the use of industrial grade encryption. In essence, Shiplyst aims to provide a hassle-free, end-to-end shipment service.

Skyfy Technology

Founded in 2013, Skyfy Technology allows users to monitor and track their vehicles from the sky with a bird’s eye view of your current, future and past fleet routes. The live tracking feature also captures information such as a vehicle’s location, speed and idle timings. Through Skyfy’s portal, users are able to assign tasks and deliveries to drivers as well. With that, vehicles can be better managed to prevent underutilization and ensure efficiency.

Aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, their system is able to help businesses increase overall sales, reduce operation costs, and boost productivity. Thus far, they have served over a thousand SMEs.


In a bid to address worsening transportation problems in the Philippines, u-Hop wants to enable ride-sharing solutions for the masses. u-Hop allows users to search for a taxi, pay for it, and leave their feedback all within an app. The startup also aims to provide the cheapest options for safe and reliable transportation, and has monthly memberships to allow passengers access to prioritized rides anytime and anywhere around Manila.

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