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Sara Akaoka Badssi from Empath (center) / Photo credit: Henzy David / Tech in Asia

Japan’s Empath came out on top today at the Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 Arena pitch battle. The startup beat five other candidates to bag the prize: US$5,000.

Empath uses AI to identify emotions in the human voice in real time, regardless of language. By analyzing factors such as pitch, tone, and speed, Empath is able to detect four emotions – joy, calm, anger, and sorrow. The startup caters mainly to call centers in Japan, helping them increase their sales rate by an average of 20 percent. Empath is already profitable and has managed to achieve a US$1 million per year run rate. It services 700 clients in 47 countries worldwide.

The other finalists that put up a brave fight include:

Pokeguide (Hong Kong), an app that helps tourists get from point A to B – whether by car, bus, train, or walking – as quickly as possible. Since launching in 2016, it has recorded 250,000 downloads and saved 20 million minutes for its users. The app also offers discounts at partner restaurants and shops.

ConscientAI (Sri Lanka), an AI startup that uses machine learning to provide insights on consumer behavior and trends in sectors like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and insurance. For instance, the firm has developed a SaaS product that analyzes fashion and apparel businesses’ website impressions and customer sentiment.

X0pa (Singapore), which employs machine learning and algorithms to produce data-driven insights that help businesses manage their staff better. Some of its tools include one that identifies key performers in an organization and recommends how to retain them, and another that predicts attrition.

Logibrothers (Taiwan), which developed Codmos, a solution that uses “block” or visual language to teach kids how to code.

Ocard (Taiwan), a company that developed a CRM system and loyalty program that gathers customer data and provides targeted marketing for businesses. For example, a shop wants to target customers that haven’t come back for several months, so it can send them coupons using Ocard to lure them back.

X0pa landed in second place, while Logibrothers secured the third spot.

This is part of the coverage of Tech in Asia Singapore 2018, our conference taking place on May 15 and 16.

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