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Earlier in Day 1’s Startup Factory coverage, we mentioned that there will be a fresh batch of companies exhibiting across both days.

Today, 89 new startups were here to showcase their products and services to attending investors and potential customers. In case you didn’t have time to check all of them out, we’ve shortlisted another four exhibitors whom we found interesting.

Empath (Day 1 & Day 2)

TIASG2018 Empath

Empath is an Emotion AI which analyzes the human voice and identifies emotions from it in real-time, regardless of the language spoken. Through analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice, the technology detects four emotions – joy, calm, anger and sorrow. Empath’s program, Smart Call Center, is able to visualize customer and operator emotions in real-time, improving conversion rates of outbound telemarketing. Empath also took part in our Arena pitch battle and emerged as champion.


TIASG2018 High5

AI customer engagement messaging platform HIGH5 helps enterprises predict customer behavior from conversation history. The Facebook chatbot learns from past chats and reply to questions, reducing the workload of customer service staff. In addition, based on users’ past behaviour, merchants will be able to push out specific ads to their target audience.


TIASG2018 Outpost

Outpost allows merchants to create and manage augmented reality experiences in their products and stores. Consumers simply need to use their mobile’s camera to scan the products, and they’ll be able to see the pricings and details. This allows an immersive shopping experience for customers to aid decisions and brand awareness.


TIASG2018 Wantalk
こんにちは – that means hello in Japanese. With Wantalk, Google Translate might just become a thing of the past. The messaging platform allows Japanese and English speaking users to communicate with one another easily, as well as view text in both languages, creating a more seamless experience for parties to understand one another.

And that’s a wrap!

And with that, Tech in Asia Singapore 2018 has come to an end. For those who joined us, we hope you’ve had a great time connecting with other passionate techies in the community!

Missed out on this year’s conference? Keep updated on what took place with our conference hashtag #tiasg2018 (on Twitter, Instagram) and through our article coverage.

Stay tuned as we bring you more post-conference updates in the days to come!

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