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summer swimming pool

There’s much more fun to be had swimming than just laps and lengths! If you’re enjoying a family break with a pool then why not try the following games and activities to add extra fun to your getaway.

Make sure you stay safe when enjoying playtime in the pool. Keep an eye on young or less confident swimmers and obey the safety rules at your property. Now, on with the fun!

What time is it Mr Shark?

Or ‘Mr Wolf’ in the water. This game is the child’s classic where one player stands at the end of the pool with their back turned and the other players call out “What time is it Mr Shark?” before approaching.

When they answer ‘Dinner time,’ all players have to swim back to the beginning without being tagged!

Marco Polo  

Marco Polo

One player closes their eyes and calls out ‘Marco!’ All other players have to answer ‘Polo!’ and avoid being caught.

Make sure you play in the shallow end of the pool where everyone can touch the floor.

Synchronised Swimming

Create an in-water swimming routine that everyone has to do. See how many moves you can include, or split up into teams to make it competitive.

Shark in the Pool  

One player is the shark and everyone else has to make it to the other side without being ‘eaten’.

Make it harder by having each player join the shark when they’re caught. The last swimmer left is the winner!


dodge ball

One player throws a beach-ball (either in or out of the pool) and all the other players have to avoid being hit. Dodge ball is hard to play on land, and even harder in water!

Make it more challenging by allowing players to throw their own beach balls when they’re out.

Simon Swims    

Another playground classic, one player gets the others to copy their commands by saying ‘Simon swims’ then issuing a command. Occasionally they will leave out ‘Simon swims’, and anyone who still does the action is out!



One of the simplest in-pool activities is also one of the most fun! Take turns to race doing widths or lengths and enjoy your own holiday Olympics.

Find and Fetch

Objects are placed in the pool, and the finders take it in turns to fetch them and bring them back.

Players take turns, and the finder with the fastest time wins!

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