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Maybe you would think, “Traveling by train is obsolete?”. Nevertheless, the train actually has many advantages. Just join us for unique experiences when traveling by train.

Traveling along the country is an enjoyable experience for many passengers as there is a convergence of culture, nuance and regional stories along the way.

A train with SE signs is ready to roll out Hanoi station at night to run along the North-South to the last point Ho Chi Minh City. To cross the 1,730km route, passengers will have to spend about 30 hours on board which may be long but interesting instead. Moreover, the sound is enough so if anyone tired can fall asleep easily.

If you are a regular train traveler, you will see the carriage is just as a miniature society. With North-South train, people from different social classes, different cultures sleep together as a family. The interesting thing is that all night sitting in the car you will hear the whole story sharing from many regions. Even rooms with four to six beds which full of strangers but it’s also very interesting to try.

The two sides of the window become a familiar place to see, and the journey is the discovery as the beauty of the night or day has its own nuances with the golden sands in the sun, the green fields, the winding mountain passing, etc. For many people, taking a train is an enjoyable experience instead of using a plane with no more expensive fare. Eating on board is relatively convenient and hot water is also available on the train. Travel by train takes far more time than travel by plane but in return, you will be looking at a lot of beautiful scenery through the window.

However, in order to come to Vietnam, the first thing to do is apply Vietnam visa. For Vietnam visa for US citizens, check out here https://www.vietnam-visa.com/guide/united-states/ for full information .

Vietnam Embassy is a traditional place to get Vietnam visa but if US citizens take a flight to Vietnam then Visa on arrival will be much more convenient. Vietnam visa on arrival is an alternative for those who enter Vietnam by air, live far away from the embassy and do not wish send their passports away by post.

With Vietnam visa on arrival, applicants get approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration as an official permission to enter Vietnam, and then get visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam. Access https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html, you will find the the online form to apply for this kind of visa is very simple, just with a few pieces of information and you complete the form easily.

After completing the visa procedure, you will travel by train from Hanoi to every part of the country through the North-South rail and all interesting is waiting ahead.

There are things that make the train so special and different from other forms of transportation. It’s the train whistle when it comes to the station, the squeaking, the swinging steadily or the immense landscape outside the train at night. It will be never understood that feeling unless you travel by train once!

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