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Woah, hello, I didn’t see you there! Welcome to the Design Corner at Brandwatch.

What’s that? You’re interested in learning about Design and how we create the work we do? That’s amazing news! I’m Jo, Website Product Manager, and I’ve been working in the Design team for 3 years. I’ll introduce you to everyone.

If you really like us, conveniently, you can join us! We’re looking for a Lead Web Designer to come and help us level up this very website.

On the website team we care passionately about clean code, modern practices and, most of all, beautiful design. We are on a quest to find someone who shares those passions. Apply now (or send this page to someone who might like to), or check out our musical masterpiece which showcases our team further (made by our very own Ben and Matt).

Anyway, allow me to introduce the team and some of the cool work we do around here.

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