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2. Alerting key stakeholders

As a person, or business, generating a lot of mentions you don’t necessarily need to be alerted each time you’re mentioned – especially if you’re a high level stakeholder.

You do need to be alerted, however, when a negative story or one that has wider implications begins to circulate.

Brandwatch Business Development Representative Caitlin Wharton commented:

“If Nick Young was clever enough to utilize Brandwatch to track his socialite status across the web, he could have received real-time alerts on an increase of mentions, giving him time to do some crisis management before his overbearing mother released her wrath.”

If Nick had had the right set up he could have reacted to the rumour way before his mom found out the news. Brandwatch Alerts can be set up to send warnings when particular things happen on social – perhaps you’re mentioned by a verified account or next to a particular word that you’re concerned about (like “girlfriend” or “kiss”, for example). Meanwhile, Brandwatch Signals can alert stakeholders when changes happen in the data like an uptick in mentions or negative sentiment. Both could have helped Nick out here.

Meanwhile, if Nick’s mother was so concerned about Nick bringing back a girlfriend she disapproved of, maybe she should have set up her own custom Alerts so she could have found out before the world did.

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