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Content Marketing is when you put out a piece of content, someone consumes it, and an action is taken. Like this:




People like Content Marketing because:
▸ Usually the traffic you get is free.
▸ The traffic constantly trickles in day-after-day.
▸ You grab people when they are actively searching for your topic.

Obviously these qualities make the highly targeted and warm traffic from content marketing highly desirable.


Content marketing attracting customers


Here’s where I need help:
I’m having a tough time getting really good examples of content marketing, can you comment with either:

1.) An example (complete with numbers) of a great piece of content marketing that brings in tons of revenue or leads?


2.) Do you have a good way of explaining Content Marketing to your colleagues? Like even a good analogy? If you have a good one, we will animate it and put it on the post (and of course give you credit)!

Neville Medhora

P.S. Please comment on the post to share your content marketing examples!

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