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Episode one of the final series hit Twitter like a head butt from The Mountain.

Here’s the data.

Quick spoiler alert

We’re going to reveal spikes in conversation and the top characters being mentioned. You’ll have to scroll across to see what causes mention spikes, but please be aware there are spoilers in there.

Our advice? If you’ve not watched the episode yet, come back and read this later.

Top line stats

During the time the show was aired live:

  • The episode was mentioned 344,000 times on Twitter
  • Looking at gender-categorized authors, 53% came from female authors compared to 47% male
  • #ForTheThrone was mentioned nearly 150,000 times on Twitter
  • Looking at emotion analysis of Twitter GoT conversation, “sadness” was the most prominent, with joy and anger coming next.

The biggest moments

Episode one peaked at the beginning and at the end, it seems.

Scroll across to see what the main spikes in conversation represent.

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