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A new global team

“What’s been interesting with the merger happening is that we were previously very European time zone-centric, so everyone was only ever really an hour different,” James says. “You could run your work day on normal hours and it was easy to talk to people whenever you wanted. But now we’ve got people in North America, people in South America, we’ve had to slightly change our ways of working.”

James explains that the communications tools he uses for chatting to people all around the world are pretty similar to those he uses with the people next to him – Zoom, Slack, Google Docs, Github, etc. That said, time zones and a lack of face to face communication present constant challenges.

“No one’s solved how to do a whiteboard session together when you’re on the other end of a video call – there’s no easy way to do that. It’s a pain when you want to sit next to each other with a piece of paper and draw diagrams, but we’re getting better at finding ways around this, even if it involves holding up paper to the camera.

“The ‘I think you’re muted’ conversation is still pretty common.”

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