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Inside The Box

Being “Inside The Box” means you’ve been exposed to something over and over…and now you can’t see it fresh!

This is super common with copywriters. You’ll be able to critique other people’s websites, but not be able to critique your own.

What sucks is the more you look at something, the worse this problem gets!

hypnotized eyes doc


This is actually a major problem. Take me for example, it’s so difficult for me to tweak this sales page because I’ve seen in 1,000+ times.

But if someone comes to me with a question about THEIR sales page, it’s super easy to spot errors looking at it with fresh eyes!

So here’s a couple of ways I get around “Being In The Box”


FAQ Question Marks
What would Warren Buffet do?
What would Noah Kagan do?
What would Elon Musk do?

By viewing the problem as a different person, you will yield different results.

If each one of these people wanted to start a new business:
Warren Buffet: Would probably do something in the financial industry.
Noah Kagan: Would probably do a combo of marketing and software.
Elon Musk: Would probably think of some game-changing technology.

Because you understand roughly how each of these people operate, you can extrapolate what they would do.

So to get out of the box you can ask “What would ____ do?!”


You can either in-person ask friends for opinions, or online friends for opinions.

My buddy Sam Parr is a master of this. He constantly asks his Facebook friends and Facebook Groups he’s part of questions:

Sam Parr Postings Facebook

Sam Parr Postings Facebook

This results in him getting many different opinions on topics. You can do this too with your friend group.


How to become a copywriter asking picture
Hiring other people is the fastest way to get an outside perspective.

People hire me all the time as a consultant to look over their copy and their marketing efforts. Usually within moments I’m able to spot improvements because I’m “Outside the box” for their project!

I’ve hired other copywriters from my friend group, Fiverr, Upwork and more for short consults to take a look at stuff I’m too “in the box” to fix.


Just KNOWING you’re “in the box” can have a big effect.

If you’re aware that you’re inside the box, many of the same techinques that help get rid of Writers Block can help you.

Things such as taking a shower can help alter your mind enough where it’ll take you outside the box!

Take A Shower



Neville Medhora In The Box


P.S. Do you have any special tricks to “get out of the box??”

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