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We’ve all dreamt of million dollar ideas at some point during our lives and thought, that’s it! I’ve finally cracked it – I’m going to be rich.

But the majority of these ideas never even get off the runway. Why? Because often our ideas are great for us, but probably not so great for everyone else. Perhaps by crowdsourcing invention ideas we can find inspiration and an audience ready to part with their cash.

At Brandwatch we have a whole world of social data at our fingertips, and with the right queries plugged in we are able to study and analyze what people are talking about, what they like, and, most importantly, what they want.

To help you fall back in love with that entrepreneurial passion, we’re going to show you which inventions the Twittersphere has been begging for over the last 24 months.

Ditch the day job. With this data you’re going to get rich

From over 40,000 results down to five, these are the best ‘feasible’ products to invent, as suggested by Twitter users over the last two years. I say feasible because there is certainly a market for teleportation devices and time travel, but I’m not sure how far you would get with those. Here, we’re focusing purely on physical products that feel reasonable enough to make, and that we can sell.

Out of all the suggestions over the last two years here are the top five.

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