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Having access to the right data is a prerequisite for marketers to successfully generate insights and, accordingly, adjust campaigns and activities in real-time and accurately measure success.

We at Brandwatch are pleased to announce today a new partnership with the social analytics provider quintly from Cologne. Together, we want to offer our clients a holistic view of the social web – quintly’s industry-leading analytics tool for monitoring structured data from analysis, channels, and competitors. Secondly, our leading listening solution for analyzing unstructured data from across the social web.

“We believe the partnership with Brandwatch will bring great benefits to our mutual customers. By offering them the best of both worlds, customers can now benefit even more from linking Analytics data to listening data”

Alexander Peiniger, CEO and co-founder of quintly.

Break through data silos

In addition to the above-mentioned strategic partnership to support our customers, our development teams have been working on integrating quintly with the Vizia platform over the last few weeks.

Customers of Brandwatch Vizia are now able to display public and custom quintly data alongside the other 16 integrations available in the platform.

This combined approach helps users drive data culture across the enterprise, breaking data silos, and distributing the right data to the right people in the organization.

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