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Examine all kinds of data

Your organization will have the ability to collect and analyze a variety of data sets including:

Unstructured data – This type of data is often captured in places online like tweets or forum posts. Your reservoir of unstructured and semistructured data from sources like SMS, voice search , call transcriptions, and social media presents a few challenges, however. To truly derive meaning and support your product strategy, these data sets will need additional processing.

Structured data – Structured data is defined as data that is organized, formatted, and deposited into an accessible place such as a database. The contents of the database are ready to be processed and analyzed. This type of data might be collected in multiple choice surveys, online profile fields, or forms.

Every business is different in the values it assigns to these two types of data.  Make sure your product strategy team is balancing the importance of both to get an accurate picture of what customers say and what they do. Missing out on one could mean losing crucial insights.

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