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Today, students graduate into a fiercely competitive world with huge debt and a lot of competition.

To help you overcome these obstacles, we’re excited to introduce Brandwatch for Students,  a program designed to create opportunities for students that they didn’t know existed – for free.

What is Brandwatch for Students?

Brandwatch for Students gives the power to the student. It allows you to learn about the technology some of the biggest brands in the world use, while getting real world data for yourself. The program teaches you how to get the most out of Brandwatch Analytics, through 14 video lessons alongside a detailed study guide and FAQs.

Once the lessons have been completed, there is a quiz to pass which is based on what you will have learnt.

Once you’ve passed it, you become ‘Brandwatch qualified’ and will have free access to the platform for three months.

What are the benefits of being Brandwatch qualified?

  • You will acquire skills you can’t learn in a classroom or lecture hall.
  • You’ll improve your grades by levelling up the quality of your research, with access to the world’s biggest focus group.
  • Your CV will stand out in front of potential employers. You can even display your completion certificate on your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

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