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LinkedIn has reached as one of the top social networks in order to connect with the world. Most personnel use LinkedIn for their career path development by stating the qualifications he or she possess and to seek for opportunities. This gives a push with a proper recommendation. So we are going to teach you of how to write a mind blowing recommendation if your closest colleagues or employees ask for a LinkedIn recommendation.

But writing a proper recommendation takes necessary skill and time in order to come out with what we truly think of the person and would that be the one he might be expecting!

This article will help you to understand with step by steps in regard to say what u really want to say.


Step 1: Click the “More…” button on the LinkedIn profile.
Step 2: Choose “Request a Recommendation” or “Recommend.”

how to ask for linkedin recommendation

LinkedIn recommendations are straightforward to write, but many people miss the chance to really take full advantage of their value.


Great recommendations do two things really well:

1.) GIVE CONTEXT: They quickly show if reviewer knows the subject.
2.) EXPLAIN VALUE: They highlight why the subject is valuable.

no context no value vs context value recommendation




…for a marketer:

“I’ve worked with [NAME] on several marketing projects and I’d highly recommend [NAME] to anyone looking for a full-stack digital marketer. [NAME] handled all stages of my sales funnels – more importantly, [NAME] knows how to pull all those stages together.”


…for a copywriter:

“[NAME]’s my go-to copywriter. Whenever I run Facebook ads, I make sure [NAME]’s the person who writes all the copy. [NAME]’s great because [NAME] also guides the graphic design team with example images to match the copy.”


….for an SEO specialist:

“My Shopify store’s traffic plummeted overnight and I had no idea why or what to do about it. An ecom friend of mine immediately recommended [NAME], so I reached out. By the end of the week, [NAME] had come in, diagnosed the problem, and set a clear strategy to fix the issue. By the end of the month, I’d regained 50% of the lost traffic and I expect to be in even better shape by the end of the year.”


…for a doctor:

“[NAME]’s more than just my doctor, [NAME]’s part of the family. When my 3-year-old had a 104-degree fever that wouldn’t break, [NAME] made a house call at 3 am and took care of everything. What a relief!”


…for a photographer:

“[NAME] is the first professional photographer I’ve worked with – wow! What a difference! [NAME] delivered the best headshots we’ve ever had and made everyone feel super comfortable. Highly recommend!”


…for a CRO specialist:

“I built my ecom store myself, and I knew my site was a bit of a mess. I’d never worked with a developer before, so I was nervous about hiring [NAME] (he’s not cheap!). But from the first consult, I knew [NAME] was worth every penny – [NAME] cleaned up and optimized my store, and I’m pleasantly shocked by the difference. I wish I’d found [NAME] sooner!”


…for a sales rep:

“Looking for a sales rep? Look no further than [NAME]. [NAME] worked for me for a little over 5 years and achieved sales numbers that speak for themselves – [NAME] rewrote our record books several times. [NAME]’s a natural, but also has processes for everything.”


…for a restaurant manager:

“[NAME] was the voice of sanity at our restaurant for the last few years. [NAME]’s everything I’d look for in a restaurant manager – calm under pressure, the right balance of firm and friendly, and a real natural with customers.”


…for an architect:

“My wife and I couldn’t agree on designs for the dream house we’re planning to build. A friend suggested we go speak to [NAME], and I wish we’d done so sooner! [NAME]’s more than just a great architect – [NAME] really listened to our different ideas and pulled everything together in a way that made us both happy.”


…for an intern:

“[NAME] came to us as one of several summer interns and made a great impression on every team the interns trained with. We rarely extend job offers to interns in their junior year of college, but [NAME]’s that special.”


…for a web developer:

“I worked with [NAME] on a website project – [NAME] handled the copywriting and I took care of the graphic design. As a designer, it was really great to work with a writer who understood UX basics and could get technical with our client. [NAME]’s a great partner, knows how to collaborate, and I’d recommend [NAME] to anyone looking for a copy specialist!”



…from a client

“Hi [NAME],
It was great working with you on [PROJECT]!
Now that we’re done, I’d appreciate a brief testimonial highlighting a couple of our wins. Positive client reviews are great for my business, especially if they’re focused and specific.
I hope we find the right opportunity to work together again in the future!


…from a friend

“Hey [NAME] – I’m looking for recommendations. You’re one of the few friends of mine who actually understands what I do and has seen my work (I’m thinking about [PROJECT], specifically), so I’d really appreciate a positive review!
(If you’d like one too, just let me know!)


…from a former boss

“Hi [NAME],
I’m reaching out to ask for a recommendation.
You know my work better than pretty much anyone I know, and I’d really appreciate a brief rec reflecting our time together (maybe focusing on [PROJECT]?).


…from a current boss

“Hi [NAME],
Would you be up to writing me a recommendation for my LinkedIn profile? We just wrapped up [PROJECT] and I’m really happy with what we achieved. I’d love to turn that into some positive words while the results are still fresh!


…from someone you’ve worked with

Hi [NAME],
It was great working with you on [PROJECT]! Would you like to exchange recommendations?
Not sure about you, but most of my testimonials are from clients and ex-bosses. I’d love to add some positive peer reviews to that list!
Let me know if you’d be up for the exchange!


A LinkedIn Recommendation Framework:


Step 1: Begin with a “Standout Line”:

The will to read a passage starts with a proper start. So attract the audience with a special line which will show them how valuable the person is. Don’t just stick with “He’s the Best” or such common ones, because it’ll make the audience bored.

“All in one Package” is the phrase that came to mine when it comes to Jason.



Step 2: State how you know him/her:

Once done with the Standout Line, explain how you know him/she. It maybe you worked with or for how long you were working and all. Which gives an idea that you’re close to the person to be recommended.

“I’ve had the great privilege to be working with Jason for more than 3 years at Stock company, and have partnered with him on many projects.”



Step 3: state his/her specialty out of others:

Try to give away a good comparison of him or her with the rest so as the readers would starting to see he or she is special. In writing a recommendation make the reader think that the person referring to is of many qualities such as talented, hardworking, team working, smart and etc.

“Jason’s ability to proceed with multiple projects was a drastic difference from the rest team mates.”



Step 4: Don’t forget to add some personality:

If we want to hire someone for a particular job we all love to hear what he or she possess and about the personality. Like how you felt working with him such so, to make the audience understand that he/she is not only great with work related but so as with qualities.

“No matter how hardworking she was, she always wore a smile on her face.”


“And the tournament misses him so bad.”



Step 5: Summarize him/her with strong recommendation:

State your ending with strong line so as to think the reader had quite of a good hear of his or hers abilities and qualities. There’s no need to end with a short statement, make it big and worthy.

End it with line so that the reader would get a proper positive thumbs up with the person referring to in the recommendation.

“Jason would be the key to success in your organization!”


“He’ll make your competitors run away.”



Step 6: Put it all together:

Now we just need to take everything we wrote above and smash it all together. Our LinkedIN recommendation would look something like this:


Just follow the steps above, and you can write a fantastic LinkedIN recommendation within 5 minutes!

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