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3. Episode 6 saw many share their thanks for The Vivienne’s hopeful story after they talked about drug addiction on the show. There was also a wonderful moment at the end of the show when she and Baga Chipz attempted to hug but were impeded by their oversized headwear.

The verdict

The Vivienne is tough competition – she’s been known for her consistent high performance throughout the show. Despite a small blip in girl group week (which didn’t register massively in terms of social media mentions), she’s had some great moments that have caught social’s attention (her Donald Trump impression was absolute fire).

Divina De Campo

Divina De Campo by episode:

1. Divina De Campo’s top mentioned episode was episode 7 as people celebrated her making it to the top 3.

2. Divina’s discussion of Section 28 during the show helped make episode 5 their second most-mentioned episode.

3. Divina got a spike in mentions on the week of episode 6 when her girl group The Frock Destroyers were featured on MTV, and as people defended her against The Vivienne’s sass.

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