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3. VR to finally go mainstream?

Probably not mainstream mainstream. But there is reason to believe it’ll be a bigger thing in 2020 than in 2019.

Using Consumer Research, it only takes a few minutes to see that affordable and convincing virtual reality is something gamers are longing for. Current offerings are seen as expensive, but the majority of sentiment-categorized conversation around VR in 2020 is positive.

Meanwhile, in our Consumer Trends for 2020 report, we found that VR and AR beat out tech like blockchain and cryptocurrency as something that consumers think will transform society in 2020.

There are also two big releases coming in 2020 that could generate big interest:

  • PC Gaming behemoth Steam is releasing its own console
  • Half Life will be releasing a hugely anticipated VR game

It still does feel like VR is niche. But 2020 could be the year we separate the gimmicks from the ‘game changing’ VR consoles and titles.

4. The most loved brands

Nintendo is a brand that does consistently well in our Brandwatch Index, ranking higher than gaming rivals Microsoft and Sony.

Whenever Nintendo releases a new title, it gets a huge reaction on social media, and it consistently generates positive conversation online.

If gaming companies are looking to improve their standings in the online world, our advice would be ‘Be more Nintendo.’

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