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An emotional issue

For this section, we looked at mentions of the duchesses that had an emotion categorization (something that Brandwatch Consumer Research applies automatically when analyzing mentions likely to contain emotions like anger, disgust, or sadness).

For both duchesses, the dominant emotion is joy, with Middleton’s emotion-categorized mentions coming in at 53% joyful, and Markle’s coming in at 44% joyful.

Overall, the emotional conversation around Markle is more negative than that relating to Middleton.

For example, 27% of the Markle mentions we looked at were categorized as ‘sad’, and 17% were categorized as ‘disgusted’. (Kate’s mentions in these categories are 20% and 11% respectively).

In summary

Meghan Markle has it hard both on social media and in the news. Whether this is the reason the couple have decided to step back isn’t confirmed, but it can’t have helped matters.

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