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Our platform gives you access to a ton of YouTube data to analyze. Not only can you see what the response to your own content is, you’ll even see what the whole of YouTube is talking about.

For example, you could set up a query that tracks all mentions of your brand on YouTube, both in video titles, descriptions, and comments. You could quickly build a dashboard visualising this data looking at the major topics relating to your brand, where it’s being mentioned, and the sentiment and emotion around it.

This means you can also look at:

  • Mentions over time
  • Reach of your marketing campaigns
  • New areas to build content around

Speaking of content, you could also set up queries and rules to track the comments on your own specific videos. This means you can see what people are saying, (you could even group certain videos into categories), how they feel about it, and what other topics they’re bringing up.

Finally you can bring all that together into a custom dashboard that suits your needs.

Essentially, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for understanding what people really think of your brand and your videos. It’ll help inform your future content strategy, and improve your video offering.

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