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I want to spend 1 hour per week doing social media, but make it LOOK like I’m posting every single day!

I enjoy posting on social platforms, but I hate getting sucked back into them constantly. There’s just so many of them, and they’re all extremely addicting.

For example it’s difficult to go on Facebook to respond to a comment without getting sucked into it:

Facebook computer sucking up time


I’ll end up spending hours per day getting drawn into the social media world without any longterm rewards.

I prefer doing work that disproportionally benefit me. Example:

I might spend 3 hours writing an article on my website today, but over the course of time:

  • Day 1: People read it, even while I sleep.
  • Day 2: People read it and signup to the website, which builds my audience.
  • Day 3: From that article I can make 5+ social media posts, exposing the content to different networks.
  • Day 10: The article starts to rank in Google, sending me more traffic.
  • Day 20: Someone links the article and sends their traffic to the article, growing my audience.
  • Day 50: I am writing an article about something similar, and can reference that old post and use content from it.
  • Day 100: Someone finds the article and shares it to their social media following, growing my audience.
  • Day 500: I still get traffic, signup, and sales from 3 hours of work I did 500 days ago.

…basically that article works for me, and builds an asset I own.

This process happens with social networks too….you can definitely build an asset on a platform. However, the key difference is ultimately the social networks owns the asset, not you. Also as network popularity shifts, you lose much of that benefit.

But if Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter have the eyeballs of damn near every person on Earth…..then it’s worth playing their game.

Starting around February 2020 I want to start posting on a regular schedule to track the activity and see what happens. A little mini-experiment. I’d also love to share the numbers as the experiment goes on!

So let’s first see where we are with baseline numbers:


For 2019 social traffic to Kopywriting Kourse was just 1.62% of all traffic. That is a pretty small number….BUT these numbers are just page view counts. Just because someone didn’t visit the site, doesn’t mean a social media post wasn’t effective!

For example if someone watches one of my YouTube videos and doesn’t click my links, but still enjoyed and liked the video….that is a success! However that success won’t get reflected in these numbers.

With that said, let’s take a look at this 1.62% section of social traffic from KopywritingKourse.com (Jan 1st, 2019 – Dec. 31st, 2019):


Social Only Traffic For 2019:

1.62% of KopywritingKourse.com traffic in 2019 came from social platforms.


Social Only Traffic For 2019 By Platform:

kopywriting kourse social analyticsYouTube and Facebook were the top referring social networks for me, however look at the Instagram stats, they completely stand out even though I didn’t post one single thing to Instagram for all of 2019.


Social Only Traffic For 2019 By Platform:

kopywriting kourse social graphsSocial traffic stayed roughly the same through the year, versus overall site traffic which grew every month:
kopywriting kourse social analytics graph


Facebook Page Views From ~8,500 Follower Page 2019:

I’ve never looked at these numbers before, and realize they suck ass. 


7 Days Of Instagram Profile Views (Account Not Touched For ~3 Years):

For having zero participation for nearly 3 years, Instagram was still sending OK numbers.


Then I Made A Post, Instagram Profile Views After That (Account Not Touched For ~3 Years):

After making a single post in preparation for this post, the numbers shot up.



Just post on social media 5 times a week February 2020 by using automation tools.

I half-heartedly already do this on Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Facebook Page, but I’d like to put a little bit of extra effort this time and see if the numbers improve (I’ll be using principles from this post to boost engagement).



Of course posting to all these networks would be extremely time consuming, so I’ll continue to use Buffer to schedule posts (I currently use their Chrome Extension for this already).

I’m totally open to new platforms for this, as I have little experience with any of them.



Welp…..let’s see what happens!!

Neville Medhora
Facebook: @KopywritingKourse
Twitter: @NevMed
LinkedIn: Neville Medhora
Instagram: @Neville_Medhora
YouTube: @Kopywriting


I’m particularly interested in:
– Tips for using social media without getting too sucked into it.
– Tips for better tracking analytics on each platform.
– Different services or software for automating parts of this (besides the content creation).
– Feel free to ask any clarifying questions!

P.P.S. My top 3 favorite commenters will get a free t-shirt of their choice, sent anywhere in the world for free!

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