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Singles Day

Singles Day trails on English speaking social media, with just 195K mentions in the period we studied of the Chinese shopping day that celebrates single life.

But, of course, lack of English language mentions does not mean a lack of people interested worldwide! The annual event for lonely hearts is now four times bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest shopping dates in the US calendar.

For extra context, Alibaba sales hit $1 billion after one minute and eight seconds and reached 158.31bn yuan ($22.6bn) in the first nine hours of 2019’s Singles Day – that’s up 25% from the same point last year, reports The Guardian.

Of sentiment categorized conversation, 70% was positive about the event and 30% was negative. Negativity stemmed from western users being annoyed that they couldn’t access the incredible deals, and there were some concerns about the environmental impact of the festivities.

Looking at the gender breakdown of those mentions, men were more likely to interact with the event online, (56% of gender categorized authors were male). In particular, we found that the topics they are most hyped about are Alibaba and sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas. Meanwhile, women were more interested in candy and beauty products.

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