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What are rookies investing in?

Low stock prices piqued interest from people in the last three months, with 42k mentions. Although it wasn’t just the lower price of stock hooking people in – Bitcoin had 388k mentions, and mentions of the cryptocurrency increased 136% from the three months prior.

Mentions of investing in gold (considered a safe and consistent investment) increased 62% during the three month period, up from December, January and February totals.

Cashing in on the real estate market wasn’t as favored. There were only 12k mentions in the last three months, actually down from pre-pandemic levels.

A new way to play

Many people have had to adapt to new hobbies to replace those that aren’t possible to partake in under lockdown. For sports fans, filling their time with bets on the stock market or penny stocks is an easy way to get a similar thrill to sports betting. It will be interesting to see if new investors from sports betting stick to it, but only time will tell.

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