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Many stores and businesses are bringing in safety measures due to Covid-19. Not only are they essential for the health and safety of staff and customers, they’re also important for convincing customers to enter the premises in the first place.

We wanted to find out which safety measures consumers were most concerned about. Using Brandwatch Qriously, we surveyed 4,092 adults from Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the United States through their smartphones and tablets.

What safety measures are consumers considering before visiting a store?

The most prominent measure in consumer considerations is whether a store requires people to wear masks. Luckily it’s an easy policy to enact, but it brings the risk of confrontation with shoppers who refuse to wear one. Store owners will need to consider how they’ll deal with this, such as by hiring security guards. Some of these confrontations have gone viral online, meaning staff will also need training in how to deal with such situations themselves.

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