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Back in March and April, when ‘panic buying’ became a real issue, lots of consumers invested in more refrigerated space to keep larger quantities of food. Chest freezers popped up a lot in the conversations we looked at at this time, with consumers looking for recommendations for the best brands.

Unexpectedly, mini fridges were also pretty popular in online conversations. This includes people talking about storing beer and food they want to keep to themselves, as well as mini fridges intended for skin care products.

Kitchenware may not sound like the sexiest topic to gather insights on, but the data here marks two big changes in consumer behavior.

Many are now equipped to make their own morning coffee as opposed to visiting coffee chains on the way to work. This could mark the start of long term investment in particular coffee beans or pods. That’s also a lot of cash potentially being directed away from cafés and going straight to supermarkets.

Meanwhile, for those with increased refrigerated space in homes, stocking up on and keeping large quantities of food could become the norm. That, or there’ll be a lot of second-hand refrigerators and freezers on the market in a few months’ time.

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