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There were 450k mentions about the health benefits associated with eating less sugar from January 1 2019 to June 30 2020.

What’s trending in consumer anti-sugar conversations?

When we looked at topics of social conversation, we found they were focused on an overall healthier lifestyle:

  • Weight-loss – 96k mentions
  • Gluten-free – 95k mentions
  • Low carb – 89k mentions

These diets aren’t just short-term fads – they are complete lifestyle changes that are growing (both gradually and rapidly) over a long period of time. Often they’re based on personal principles, not just weight loss or staying in-fashion.

It’s very interesting to see that, despite the pandemic and accompanying lockdowns, mentions about converting to these dietary changes have kept trending upwards. This is a time of large scale lifestyle changes, and diet is certainly a part of that.

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