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Don’t care, just doing some self-care

Given the prominence of self-care in the body positivity conversation, we’d be remiss not to give it its own space.

When we used our Consumer Research platform to look at self-care (which relates to any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health) we found that mentions from January to August of 2020 had increased 82% compared to historical average volumes for this period.

Many of the themes in self-care conversations were similar to those within the body positivity mentions. That said, we found several unique trends:

  • Product conversations were very hot in self-care discussions. All in all we found 572k product recommendations which included pampering face masks, bath products, and home decorations.
  • Work and life was a theme that was very prominent in lockdown, particularly around setting up appropriate boundaries as people get used to working from home. There were 589k mentions of this between March and August 2020.

The pandemic has brought with it a lot of negativity, but this is one very positive trend that will hopefully contribute to a brighter, happier online experience for many. These honest, joyful conversations are packed with insights about new consumer priorities and practices around keeping themselves safe and well.

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