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A vacation rental house can be fully functional with walls lacking a single drop of paint, with plain furniture, and even without any furnishings at all. However, your guests will feel something is missing. The walls feel bare and the house incomplete without color popping around your property.

The reason why it feels this way is that colors have a way of playing with our brain by giving it plenty of details to process. It is the first thing we notice when we enter a room and it plays a big part in creating our perception about a place.

In addition, colors set the mood in a space, affecting how we feel in a house. As a vacation rental owner, you always need to keep this in mind. The brain is an interesting organ, and here is why it loves colorful interiors and how you should benefit from it:

1. They create a balanced effect

colors create a balanced effect in your vacation rental

As said earlier, a room appears incomplete if it lacks color. On the other hand, a room full of pops of color feels rounded well together, and it is appealing to the eye. That is why a room with a color theme spread across (that is hints of the same color on furniture, throw pillows, window dressings, rugs and flooring) feels tied up together. The color plays as a balancing factor in the interior décor.

When it comes to choosing colors for your vacation rental, start with colors that work well together in each room. You can start from outside by matching the color of the siding with the interiors to create a balance. When choosing the siding, keep in mind your intended theme color. If, for instance, you are looking at replacing the siding in Sacramento, be sure to discuss with the contractor the color that will make your entire property feel balanced.

2. They set the tone for our moods

Colors are not just about how a room looks, they also influence how we feel when we are in that room. This is because colors evoke our moods. Therefore, you should use color to set the tone of every room in your vacation rental home.

choose warm colors for your vacation rental living room

For instance, the living room is the space where your guests gather and socialize. You want a color that will liven up the space, make it feel like a fun place to be and spark conversations. Warm and bold colors such as red, orange and yellow make a great choice for such a space.

On the other hand, you want to create a calm and relaxing effect in the bedroom. Calm colors such as purple, blue and green are perfect choices for this.

3. It brings out our personalities

decoration on a vacation rental

Empty walls make rooms feel empty and incomplete. Decorate your vacation home walls with art that injects an enticing and cohesive look. Which kind of art is that? Well, because people are different and you cannot possibly tell the kind of art your guests like and which ones they dislike, it is best to go with your instincts for this one.

Choose any artifacts or painting from local artists – art that says something about the local culture. Whatever you like is fine for as long as it is not offensive or disrespectful in regards to religion, politics, sexuality, or race, among other divisive aspects.

Keep in mind that the colors you use and the pictures you hang will tell your guests the type of host that you are. Make sure to create a good environment, where your guests feel comfortable, and they will be more likely to leave a positive review about your property.

4. They create different perceptions

Most guests want to stay in spacious and bright spaces. Unfortunately, big properties are a privilege that not all vacation rental owners can offer to their guests. Thankfully, colors have a way of tricking the eye that a small space is spacious. You only need to be creative when playing around with them.

vacation rental living room

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