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Let’s try a little experiment together, where we build out some signs to promote a gym, and see what happens! (Comment below with your suggestions).

Let’s get started:


This is Hale Fitness in Richmond, CA.


It’s next to a giant freeway called Highway 80:


Between 30,000 and 50,000 cars pass by the Hale Fitness location everyday. Wow.

surprise emoji


The rough numbers of eyeballs:

The freeway Hale Fitness is on is Highway 80, which is about 12 minutes from the Bay Bridge that takes you into to San Francisco.

30,000 to 50,000 cars per day pass by this area.

Let’s meet in the middle and say 40,000 cars per day pass by Hale Fitness.

1 day  x  40,000 cars  = 40,000 cars
1 week  x  40,000 cars  = 280,000 cars
1 month  x  40,000 cars  = 1,200,000 cars
1 year  x  40,000 cars  = 14,600,000 cars

This means even a SUPER TINY AMOUNT of people responding to these advertisements can mean significant signups for a gym.


There’s already some dinky signs and flags other businesses have put up:


We are thinking of making some freeway signs like this tiny one, but way bigger:

freeway sign small


The copy might be something like this:


Here’s a crude mockup of the signs:

freeway sign mockup


Hale Fitness already has strong local SEO and ratings on all review platforms:



And he’s agreed to let Copywriting Course help make what the signs say!


We’ve done similar outdoor advertising experiments in the past…

outdoor advertising copywriting
Billboard Advertising Experiment  |  Street Advertising Experiment


…with great results!

Street advertising change to sign


The signs will go along the fence right by the freeway shown here:


Let’s see what results Hale Fitness gets…and we need YOUR help figuring out what to write:


The Copywriting Course



P.P.S. Let us know in the comments what you think the signs should say or look like.

All suggestions welcome!


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